Saturday, June 14, 2008

Belated Birthday to me~!!

Yaya... this will be my first article i write in blogger, and if i don't update again, there will be a punishment for me from my friends.

Well, this week will be quite special for me, which is my birthday~!! Actually already passed a week ago, thanks to my friends who celebrate my birthday.

"Xun and Jun, do you know today meal will paid by us?" what a surprising sentences from my foundation best friends. We all celebrating in Chilis on Wednesday, 11 June 2008. Haha, nothing is cheap in Chilis, so i decided to choose "Fire Crackes Fillet Fish".

After having a nice meal, there are a group of people singing birthday song to me and Jun, hehe actually i thought they singing for Jun only, because my birthday already passed. Besides, I helped my friends to choose the birthday cake ( I chose birthday cake for myself~!! ). Well there are a lot of video and photo were taken while in the process of celebrating.

me and another birthday girl, Jun

Tatan~ a group of kacau-kacau friends
See ~ they pull my ski hat~ As you see i am monk now~ but still a cute cute monk~

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